Pioneer Kitty Market Return Policy

We understand things happen.  Should you receive an item that is not at all what you ordered, or shows signs of damage/defect, you have up to 14 days to notify us.  From there, we take the best course of action to ensure you either have the item replaced ASAP or qualify for a full refund.

Proof matters!  Without it, we cannot help you!  If there is a problem with the order due to a fault on our end we will rectify it without hesitation.

Due to the COVID-19 situation being what it is, we will only accept returns and refund requests within 14 days of a customer receiving an item.

Personable items (like underwear), consumables, and personalized products will not be eligible for any refund, nor exchange unless it is established an error on our part has happened.  We also do not issue refunds for gift card purchases.

If it is your desire to return an item due to you changing your mind about the purchase, due to the COVID-19 pandemic still being an issue, each return/refund request will be handled through one-on-one communication.  Again, we understand things happen.  No two situations are always exactly alike, so we handle each return/refund request that is based on your personal decision instead of a product defect.

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